Dru Meditation - The Art of Being

In a world seemingly obsessed with success, both material and personal, it is easy to become overwhelmed by external and internal pressure to do, achieve and succeed, even in the world of yoga and personal transformation. If you find yourself confused about the direction to choose or are experiencing conflict between your heart's intention and the material world, then practice this Dru Meditation and begin to develop the art of being.

How many times have you heard that life is in the journey and not the destination, and how many times have you forgotten these often spoken words of wisdom? Yet it is one of the truths of life that a life lived in the destination often never arrives.

The allure of a salary, papers published, jobs achieved, promotions etc can be so strong for our egos that we don't even notice we are not being present in our journey, exacerbated by the busy-ness that usually accompanies our march towards success and personal transformation. Sooner or later either our body, mind or emotions will let us know that we have strayed too far from our own path to be sustainable and then life comes to a screaming halt or at the very least we experience extreme confusion. What to do?

The answer is to do what's in front of you, walk one step after the other and live your life one breath at a time; become aware of your senses and begin to inhabit your life again. When you find yourself overwhelmed, too busy or confused by the drive to succeed, in the words of Petrea King, "Come to your senses", and practice the Art of Being meditation - it might just help.


The art of being meditation

  • Stop
  • Suspend judgement
  • Notice the rhythm of your breath, observe it slow down (if you are uncomfortable becoming aware of your breath, skip this step)
  • Look around your environment and notice what you are seeing, notice the light and the shade, the colours and shapes
  • When you are ready, notice the sounds in your hearing, see how far you can hear, how close you can hear, and the quality of the sound
  • Notice the touch of the clothes on your skin and the weight of your body on your feet or bottom, feel the air on your skin and the temperature of your breath in your nostrils
  • Become aware of your position in the world, metaphorically and physically, the positions of your limbs, your posture and perhaps even your facial expression
  • Notice your taste, explore the tastes on your taste buds
  • And finally notice the smells in your environment, in your clothes and on your skin
  • And now rest in your body, in your world, for as long as you need or can.

When you're ready, rub your palms together, massage your forehead, through your scalp, around the outside of your ears, from the bridge of your nose across your cheekbones, into the hinges of your jaw and down to your chin, around your mouth and your nostrils, then stroke away anything that no longer serves you, from your crown over your shoulders and flick it away, three times.

And now you are ready to focus your full attention on the task that is in front of you.

All of the practices of Dru Yoga and Meditation will help you become present to your life so please check ouy the Dru website and find the resource or class that feels right for you.


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