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Dru Yoga tip 15 - Gesture of inner security

This week's Dru Yoga Tips for life focuses on the Gesture of Inner Security from the Dance between Joy and Pain. It will bring both a feeling of inner security and a positive feeling of warmth for everyone around you. Read on if this seems like a great idea ...

If you are comfortable with the Deep Yogic Breath from tip #8, do a few rounds until you feel calm and centred. Otherwise spend a few moments noticing your breath moving in and out of your nostrils. Ideally, it would also be good to do a quick tense and relax through your body so your system is feeling relaxed.


Gesture of Inner Security

  • Interlock all your fingers into clasped hands
  • Close your eyes and hold for at least one and a half minutes
  • Focus on building security within yourself.

It's great to do this gesture whenever you experience feelings of jealousy or envy, or even when it occurs to you - daily if you remember to as it builds inner strength. Also, if there is someone in your life you have an ongoing challenges with, try this:

Advanced Heart Power Technique

  • Think of someone you love and imagine their face
  • Now superimpose the face of the person towards whom you feel jealousy
  • Extend that same love to them
  • Yes, it's hard to do but it really, really works!

When you accept who you are and your own situation, it is amazing how easy it is to accept those around you and extend genuine warmth to even the difficult relationships in your life - it is the beginning of compassion.

Try it and let us know how it goes.


PS: if you want to generate inner security and positive feelings warmth for those around you, clasp you hands in the Gesture of Inner Security concentrate on building your own inner strength.

If you want to know more about transforming difficult emotions into positive ones, order your own copy of The Dance Between Joy and Pain, by Dr Mansukh Patel and Rita Goswami.


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