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Dru Yoga tip 60 - The healing properties of being in nature

Are you so busy in every moment, with thoughts of what you need to be doing next - next hour, day, year .... that you lose your sense of balance and direction? Today's Dru Yoga tip for life is a simple yet effective way to help you step back from the rat race and become a human being rather than a human doing.

Get out in nature

  • Go out in nature and stand among the trees.
  • Look at the sky and then look at the earth.
  • Stand in the mountain pose, see Tip 5: feeling poised between the heavens and the earth.
  • Fill your vision with nature: look at it as if for the first time: take in every detail.
  • Smell the air around you: fill your nostrils with nature's fresh, earthy scent.
  • Listen to what is happening around you: birds, insects, leaves rustling with the breeze...

Carry this awareness with you as you go back to your to-do list and observe how much more balanced you are. By filling your senses with nature you remind yourself that you are part of nature's beauty. And remember, if you feel busy and stressed, step outside of the rat race for a while and stand among the trees. 

If you enjoy being in nature and you enjoyed this Dru Yoga tip for life, you might enjoy our Dru meditation DVD which is filmed in a variety of spectacular outdoor settings: you can find yourself transported into nature and a meditative space even while doing the dishes if need-be!


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