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Dru Yoga tip 62 - Let the beauty of life rest in your heart

Sometimes all the tools and techniques you have mastered seem to desert you and stress takes over. It can happen to anyone, even for those of us who have done many hours of practice and 'mastered' many routes to feeling great; suddenly the toolbox is empty. This week's Dru Tip for life has been written precisely for these times - let the beauty of life rest in your heart.

To look out and simply be with the beauty of life is one of the most soothing yet effortless tools for lifting the veils of stress and allowing some light to penetrate your inner fog. Follow these simple steps to bring yourself back to your centre.

  • Stop.
  • Look up and out - you may like to look out of your window, step outside, or find a beautiful picture and place it above your normal line of vision.
  • Lift and open your chest, let your shoulders relax.
  • Slow your breathing and let your eyes absorb the beauty of life: it might be a bird or the light through the leaves of a plant of perhaps the dance of life as it plays out in front of you.
  • After a while, let the beauty rest in your heart and soothe the pain.
  • Each time your thoughts tighten, let the beauty of life calm and smooth them.
  • Allow yourself the time to sit until you feel really ready to stretch and move; you may find that you have even started smiling quietly.

You can return to the beauty of life whenever stress threatens to overwhelm you, for as long as it takes for the light to return to your life. 


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