How Andrew used Yoga Nidra in his healing journey

Welcome! Andrew explores the power of Yoga Nidra in his healing journey, and how it might help you this week.

Yoga Nidra events in the next few days

We're celebrating the power of Yoga Nidra with two very special events. On Wednesday I'm leading a masterclass on Yoga Nidra and Abundance

And this weekend I'm teaming up with Nanna, Rita, Padma and Anouschka to take you through a veritable smorgasbord of Yoga Nidra techniques


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22 Sep, 2020
HI I just listened to Andrew speaking how he used Yoga Nidra in his healing journey and mentioned a weekend of holding a workshop of Yoga Nidra with a few other that filmed and can be watched post the time it occured please? Thank you Love Yuti
26 Sep, 2020
Andrew Wells
Hi Yuti, Yes indeed, it is available as an online event. It was really moving to hear everyone's comments - how they never realised the art of relaxation was so profound! The event is here: I hope all is really well with you!