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Advanced Practitioner Course - general introduction

Welcome! Andrew Wells gives you an overview of what you can expect from Dru's Post Graduate Advanced Practitioner Diploma course. 

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Our next APD course starts online and in Scotland F2F on 23 Sept 2023. 

Because of your yoga journey, no doubt you are so much better at handling your emotions, at understanding the world, the nature of who we are as humans... you're able to teach people and they really benefit from being with you. 

You may not realise it, but by most standards today, you are an incredible person!... all because of that moment!

If you've ever had a moment where you wanted to know more of what yoga can give to you...

This course offers you the next step in your yoga evolution

Yoga gives you a nearly complete map of the psyche, from the physical all the way up to the spiritual. This course takes you on a magical journey into the actual experience of the koshas, our five layers of being.

You'll regain awareness of your physical body. You'll learn to feel your subtle energy and how to teach it to your students. You'll discover routes towards mastery of your emotions. You'll learn how yoga reveals the thought forms that define your world, and discover how it enables you to change the ones that hinder your success.

And within each kosha, we'll explore with laser-like precision the reality of the chakras...  3000 years of yogic insight will be available to help you be successful in 7 key areas of your life:

Abundance and being supported by the universe, fulfilling relationships, whether you can manifest a project...whether you can contribute and love this world, discerning and living your life's purpose... these are the qualities that together provide fulfilment in your life. 
The Advanced Practitioner Diploma offers you the ability to walk into these worlds. You'll discover the master postures and techniques that activate the power of each chakra, across all five koshas. 

You'll find your eyes opening to a world of accomplishment and understanding in ways few people ever attain. 

Many who have already completed this mastery course look back and say... my life has changed immeasurably because of this course.

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