Ann's Dru Yoga journey ... |


Ann's Dru Yoga journey ...

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"I discovered Dru Yoga unexpectedly at a time when I was constantly stressed and anxious in my work life. This was impacting on my personal relationships. I was questioning my purpose and I felt like I needed to make changes but I didn’t know what.

As I progressed through the course I first started to feel less stressed and found I was better able to stay in the present moment rather than becoming anxious or worried about what had happened or what was to come. This has really helped me manage a demanding job much better.

The biggest impact the course had on me though was that it helped me to become more compassionate towards myself. It encouraged me to take time to listen to my body and my own intuition and have the courage to take action from this. I have made some significant changes in my life since the course. I now feel much more balanced and it’s created space in my life for the next step in this journey. I can honestly say the course has helped me to feel happier and like my real self. I hadn’t been sure if wanted to teach before starting the course but it has inspired me to want to share all the wonderful benefits I have gained with others.

I also feel part of a real community with Dru where I have met the kindest people with so much wisdom to share. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this course to anyone who is thinking about becoming a yoga teacher or wanting to progress their own personal development."

- Ann O'Brien - Social Worker and Dru Yoga teacher

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