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Back care & wellbeing for social prescribing - research

Dr Ned Harfiel describes some of the research which demonstrates the power of Dru yoga techniques for improving wellbeing - physically and mentally. 

A pilot study at Bangor University indicated that a yoga-based stretching and strengthening programme significantly reduced back pain and stress. Here's just some of the numbers from university research into the effectiveness of Dru Yoga:

Area of wellbeing Increase
More composed - less anxious 120%
More clear-minded - less confused 500%
More elated - less depressed 240%
More energised - less tired 270%
More agreeable - less hostile 100%
More confident - less unsure 210%
Life purpose and satisfaction 330%
Self confidence during stress 650%

You can find out more in the Back Care and Wellbeing Course for Social Prescribing.

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