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Dru Yoga - Pindasana: the child pose

The child pose, helps to free tension in the area between the shoulder blades and along the whole length of the spine and is a calming posture.


Energetically, this posture allows for a resting phase on the earth, creating a wonderful circle of energy flowing over the top of the head and neck, shoulders, arms and hands to the feet, legs and over the back.

On a mental and emotional level you may sense a feeling of security and inner peace, as well as experiencing feelings of humility.


There are no recognised contra-indications to this posture, however heavily pregnant women should take care, work with their own bodies and adopt one of the modifications below.


How to do this posture?

Find a couple of blankets and some blocks (or books) to support the head.

From a kneeling position, bend forward and bring the forehead to the floor close to your knees. If the forehead does not reach the floor or you place the top of the head on the floor, then use a block. This is not a type of headstand - it is a relaxing posture! You can place a block under the forehead or alternatively bring your hands into fists and rest the forehead on your stacked fists.

The buttocks should ideally rest on the heels, if they don't, fold up the blankets and place them on the heels and the backs of the calves. Experiment with the blankets to get them just right to correspond with the forehead on the floor.  If it's more comfortable you can also take the knees apart slightly to allow your abdomen to rest between the thighs - this is especially useful in pregnancy.

Now allow the arms to relax by the sides of the body. On the in breath, focus at the base of the spine and then feel the breath moving along the spine towards the neck. As you exhale relax the whole area of the shoulders, neck, arms and hands. Rest in this posture for several minutes, and then slowly raise up when you are ready.



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