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Engineering people with yoga

I went from a ground-breaking 20 year career in engineering to a Dru Yoga teacher quite seamlessly. There weren't many women in my field—I was an engineer and then production manager and then one of the first senior managers working in change management.

Once I had the kids there was something inside of me that wanted to nurture them. There was a lot of travelling in the kind of work that I did and I couldn’t continue to do that unless my kids were in day care or with a nanny. So I decided to park my career and train as a Dru Yoga teacher while a stay-at-home mum.

When I was looking to do the Dru Yoga course my children were 2 and 4 and I thought there was no way that I could go away once every three months for a few days. But my tutor encouraged me to think about how it would benefit the whole of my family. And I think it’s really true.

The course allowed me to be more present as a mum. To tap into what really matters I life and focus on that. Because before I'd had a really busy career and Dru allowed me to just settle into being a mum. So it was definitely worth the time. The kids survived, my husband enjoyed looking after them and we joke that perhaps we wouldn’t still be married if I hadn’t done the Dru Yoga course! Every relationship has its ups and downs but through my Dru Yoga practice I was able to see the best in everybody. 

I started a business teaching yoga to children. Now I teach to communities and corporate companies.

Now I’m bringing yoga into the workplace and helping all these people that, like me, were disconnected to their bodies, stressed and not always conscious of their energy and how it was affected other people.

So having been there and got the t-shirt I’m now re-engineering people rather than processes.

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