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Explaining the koshas: layer 3 - emotions - manomaya kosha

We so often feel that we are at the mercy of our emotions.

This is not the case! Our circumstances may not always be under our control, but the way we respond to life and how we react emotionally most definitely is.  Like our muscles, however, our emotions need training. We need to observe how we respond or react to circumstances and then find tools to re-train ourselves. When unpleasant events occur, we can either choose to hang onto the pain or else to:

  • Let it go
  • Transform it
  • Address it with confidence, or with the help of a friend

One of the most effective tools I have ever come across to help manage my emotions (Manomaya kosha) was given to me by my mentor, Dr Mansukh Patel, over 30 years ago. I have used it every day ever since. It is the process of introspection. It is also a fantastic way to let go of the day so that you can enjoy a deeper sleep.



I invite you to sit quietly for 5-10 mins at the end of your day just before you go to sleep. Cast your gaze briefly over your day, from the point of awakening to the point at where you find yourself now. Re-call the events of the day. Celebrate them! Now go to the areas that you were not so happy with and mentally replay the scenario as you would like it to have gone. Try not to attach yourself to the people involved, but rather, concentrate on the outcome that you are seeking. See yourself triumphant, with the situation resolved for the good of all. Each time you perform this process, it will become quicker and easier. It is said that the transformation that you create will sink into your sub-conscious as you prepare for sleep and help change the pattern of reaction/response that you had to that one which is more favourable.


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