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Explaining the koshas: layer 4 - thoughts - vijnamaya kosha

What a revelation that you can train the intellect and actively learn to choose the way you think from moment to moment.

This really puts us in the driving seat of our lives. We are no longer victims of what is happening to us! Fantastic! 

The practice I would like to share to help keep this kosha healthy is that of goal setting. Every evening I set my goals for the next day. It is a great feeling as I re-call the day and tick off what has been achieved and then focus on what is to come. Having a plan creates a feeling of confidence and control. Having a purpose and a vision for our life is key to our ultimate health and harmony! Below I've written some of my thoughts for you to play with when you sit at night with your notebook to plan the day ahead.


This process is how I prepare ahead for each day

  • Think about what lies ahead over the next few days
  • Write it all down
  • Now put them in order of priority
  • Select that which is possible/important to do tomorrow and put any others in the future

Your list should also include areas that you know are important to you – for example, I always include the following health points in my list:

  • my personal yoga and meditation practice
  • taking my vitamins and minerals
  • going for a walk
  • my other action points for the day


At the end of the day, make time to physically tick off what you have done in your notebook, then once again look at what is still to do over the next few days, adding in anything new arising from the day that requires attention. Then re-prioritise what needs to be done tomorrow.


Watch your mind and intellect experience a feeling of ‘being in control’. Amidst it all, remember that there will always be those unexpected days where nothing seems to go according to plan, and that is alright too!


Ideally some of your daily or weekly plans need to include items that will contribute towards your overall vision - where you are going and want to achieve as long term goals. If you would like support with exploring this area of your life have a look at some of these classes on goal setting.


Smile and enjoy the journey!!

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