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Explaining the koshas: layer 5 - spiritual - Anandamaya kosha

There are 1440 minutes in a day.

How many times have you heard yourself say – ‘I simply do not have enough time to be still and relax’. We have enough time; I think it is more about what we choose to do with our time. When we allow magical moments to unfold by nourishing this part of ourselves, more time reveals itself, strangely enough. It is a wild phenomenon!
There are as many ways to keep this part of us healthy as there are human beings on the planet! Meditation and prayer are probably two of the most powerful ways. Being in nature is also a profound tool to nourish the Anandamaya kosha.


I want to share one particular method with you, and that is the power of mantra. Mantra comes from the word ‘manas’ – the mind. One of mantra's primary functions is to harness and focus the 'monkey mind'. Once there is stillness in our thoughts, we can experience the silence behind or beneath them. The mind is like the ocean waves - once it becomes still, we can sink into the depth of the silent ocean! Mantra is the use of pure sound, repeated often so as to create a focus for the mind. This process is known as 'japa' and is the recitation of an incantation, word or phrase. It is knows to be a part of all major religions and is able to exist outside of this frame too.

Here are two mantras for you to enjoy that will support two big areas of your life. The first is about clearing your path or 'removing obstacles' and the second works with building your abundance and financial wealth. My attitude is – it may be new to you, and it may work; so why not have a go! You have nothing to lose!

There are many mantras in many different languages. Here are some you might enjoy!
Om Ganeshaya Namaha
Ganesha is linked to ‘removing obstacles’ on your path. He is the 'elephant God' and is called upon at the beginning of any new project and at the start of any event. You can use this mantra when you wish to remove any obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward in a job situation, a relationship, or establishing your spiritual practice. Ganesha is also said to be the bringer of great joy. So when there are moments where you feel you need a little more joy and happiness, repeat this mantra.

Om Laxmaya Namaha
Laxmi is said to be the guardian of success, wealth and abundance. She is the one to call upon when you wish to have success in a project, or to have abundant health and wealth.

To nourish the Anandamaya Kosha, simply set time aside daily to be quiet, to sit and listen and to say your mantra. Nourishing this layer will filter down and effect all the other layers in a powerful way. It is the most important one to keep healthy!

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