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Helen Chawner - Dru Yoga teacher, therapist and support tutor

I love that my yoga training has enhanced so many areas of my life. I had this feeling before I started the course that something was missing...

I trained as a Dru Yoga teacher about 11 years ago. Since completing the Dru Yoga teacher training I have felt more present and have a deeper understanding of myself; my practice continues to help me trust in the process of life unfolding in a positive way.

I remember hearing about Dru Yoga when Dr. Hilary Jones recommended Dru as a form of yoga particularly beneficial for back health. With a sports massage therapy background it felt like the right kind of yoga training for me. At the time it was between Dru Yoga and another school and  I knew as soon as I started to research Dru that it was right for me. I hadn’t even been to a Dru class before! But I knew the course suited me in so many ways and particularly because I could train at the weekend, whilst still working and the flexible payment options made it feasible for me. 

The course has really enhanced my work as a therapist as well.  I teach classes in a spa, a community charity, a cancer support center and deliver one-to-one sessions. 

I also love that my yoga training helped me to make better choices and become more who I’m meant to be. I continue to look after myself in the process of supporting others and your own practice benefits you on every level; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually  - your awareness of yourself on and off the mat develops. I’ve also drawn the right people into my life; those that are on the same path of self-acceptance. Another thing that became more clear through my yoga training was my sense of purpose. 

At the moment I’m teaching online classes and I’m really enjoying it. I’m also supporting a Dru yoga teacher training course in the midlands as a support tutor. This is really enhancing my teaching skills. In supporting a course I’m re-learning a lot and gaining so much from helping students unfold their skills and then helping them do the same for their peers. 

I also continue to weave my yoga training into all of the therapies that I do. For example, I give pranayama techniques in the sports massage sessions that I do and  Dru yoga postures/asana to develop a healthy spine.

My main passion though is teaching yoga to large classes. I love the impact of positive group energy on everyone there. Just recently I saw a lady struggling with life. Her own struggles were weighing her down. I watched her transformed by the experience of the class. She was changed more by this experience than she had been by many other therapies that she’d tried. 

I’d say to anyone considering doing the course - don’t be fearful - it’s all manageable. The payments are accessible, the training is spread out and the tutors are amazing. The course resources available including the manual and online resources are all really easy to understand. By the end of the course, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and you will feel competent to go out there and teach. The support and encouragement you receive along the way is incredible too and you will make friends for life. Knowing you can always get in touch with tutors after the course makes a big difference too.

So good luck in choosing the right course for you. I believe Dru has so much to offer.  

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