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How to do the Sun Sequence YOUR way

One of the most famous sequences that everyone knows, across all styles of yoga, is Surya Namaskara. Why? On a physical level it stretches, tones, and strengthens our body AND it also brings light and vibrant energy into our mind and emotions too. 

It’s said to be a very therapeutic sequence due to the healing qualities of light, and, with our focused intention we can enhance the power of light within us.  Here at the Studio we have many variations of the Sun Sequence – indeed you may have noticed we’ve made a bit of a feature on it over these past few months. Why? Because it can REALLY help you to transform your health at so many levels. All you need to do… is DO it regularly!

Do a Sun Sequence Challenge…

One of the best ways to ensure you do your yoga practice is to join a challenge. Why not make a commitment to do your Sun Sequence every day this week (even if its not a full session). Just doing 10 minutes of Dru Yoga a day has been proven to reduce stress, increase flexibility AND feel more positive. Check out more research results here…

Doing it YOUR way…

So – how do you choose WHICH sun sequence is the right one for you today? Answer this simple question to find out!

Right now are you feeling...

A)   Buzzy, scatty, excitable or airy and maybe feel like you need to ground and anchor?

B)   Irritable, focused, precise and want a bit of a challenge?

C)   Lethargic, depressed, slow moving or unmotivated but want to change that state?

Yoga is one of the sister sciences of Ayurveda – which helps to bring you into your state of BALANCE. By choosing A, B, or C you’re actually pin-pointing which Ayurvedic constitution you are working with today. So, simply choose the class that corresponds to your constitution to allow yourself to come back into balance!

Option A - Slow and Flowing Sun Sequence

slow flow sun sequence -  angie bakerIf you chose A, you’re probably feeling a bit Vata which means you need GROUNDING. Vata is the 'air' constitution which can a) make you feel like floating off with the fairies, or b) can make everything feel a bit overwhelming!

Slow and Flowing Sun Sequence

Option B - Challenging Sun Sequence

Challenging Sun SequenceB relates to the Pitta constitution. This class helps to calm your excess fire and helps you to harness it so you are less irritated or angry. So, although this class is challenging it’s also controlled and measured - and therefore not getting you too hot and bothered!

Challenging Sun Sequence

Option C - Dynamic Sun Sequence Flow

The Sun Sequence with AngieKapha is made of earth and water - which can mean we feel a bit lethargic and slow. If you're feeling sluggish or low, this class helps to get you out of that state FAST by getting you moving dynamically.


Dynamic Sun Sequence

Of course some of you may be what we call bi-doshic or tri-doshic where it’s not so clear cut which constitution you are feeling right now. In that case simply choose the class you feel most drawn to today.

Enjoy your Sun Sequences – remember to comment in the videos and at the Online Community to share your Sun Sequence Challenge with other Studio members.

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1 Aug, 2018
I am really excited about this. I absolutely love Sun Sequence. I do it nearly every day. I just normally adapt the way I execute the ‘basic’ sequence: slow, medium or high speed. The fact that there are different versions of the Sun Sequence is just brilliant! I can’t wait to try them out to observe the different effects.