True stories: Dru Yoga really helped my back pain |


True stories: Dru Yoga really helped my back pain

A car accident left 35 year old Jess Ward from Bradford in despair with severe back pain for 3 years. 

“The side effects from strong painkillers were unbearable,” says Jess, “So I went in search for a more holistic methods of healing. Dru Yoga’s effectiveness against back pain has since been scientifically proven, but I found out about it by chance.
“Before I tried Dru Yoga I would wake in agony. I bought chopped vegetables as I couldn't stand up to chop them, I couldn't sit down for more than a few minutes without being in pain. Walking slowly and laying down were my best options.
“I was always so exhausted, I hardly ever felt sociable and lots of friendships broke down. My emotions were all over the place, I would often feel like I couldn't carry on and what was the point to my existence? I had intense periods of anxiety, I would have panic attacks and throw up. I felt stuck in a vicious cycle the anxiety would create tension and pain, then the pain would create more anxiety!
MIND were a great support after losing my job and my relationship broke down. I was always at the doctors seeking answers, I took sleeping tablets, tried hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, CBT which I didn't respond well to and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) which I attending groups for two years.
I saw pain specialists who offered me injections into my spine, which I would need every three months. I went to pain management groups, which focused on learning to live with the pain. After every appointment my hope was crushed, I felt no-one understood or acknowledged the amount of pain I was in. I would leave in tears and started to self-harm, making cuts on my body. But I was in my early 30's I was not about to accept this was going to be my life, getting through each day managing pain.
I decided to start a local Dru Yoga class with a lady called Isabel Carter. I enjoyed the class, it had a beautiful flow and worked with the breath, very graceful. I expected to feel tired and in need of a nap after but instead I felt great. I was glowing, I walked home slowly for two hours instead of taking the bus. I felt so connected, as if a veil had been lifted, like I was really seeing plants and trees for the first time, my vision so clear and I had so much energy. A real heart opening experience, i'll never forget.
When I got home I looked up Dru online and saw there was a teacher training course starting soon, I booked on the taster day. Nothing has ever felt so right in my heart as this.
I then attended two yoga classes a week and even cycled there. My pain was dissolving and I had more and more energy.
Once on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course I practiced yoga most days, my pain dissolved, a couple of months in it had gone. It slowly decreased the more I did Energy Block Release 1 Sequence, I felt I was letting go, releasing stuck emotions, I would cry and laugh as I practiced. I became grounded and joyful. I learned how to engage my core muscles before doing daily tasks that would cause me pain like opening doors and getting things from the cupboard.
My life now is exciting and I feel full of possibilities for the future, I am no longer drained and getting through each day in pain. I have my own place, a loving and caring boyfriend and am in the process of setting up a Dru Yoga group at MIND. Feels good to be offering something back to a service that has helped me so much. 


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