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5 Day Meditation Challenge

5 Days of Dru Meditation Challenge

Welcome to 5 days of Meditation - discovering how to awaken your inner teacher.

Day 1 - Annamaya kosha

Day 2 - Pranamaya kosha.

Day 3 - Manomaya kosha.

Day 4 - Vijnaanamaya kosha.

Day 5 - Anandamaya kosha.


Facebook live - Rita and Andrew discuss how meditation makes you strong, and the spiritual journey

This video is direct from facebook, so please watch it on a smaller screen.


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30 Sep, 2020
Thank you so much for gifting me these Meditation sessions - thrilled to see you have added the other 3 days - will message again when listened to guidance, imbued more wisdom and practised the techniques!
29 Sep, 2020
i loved the day 1 meditation what bells were you using jane
24 Sep, 2020
Thanks Andrew - only just found these now am back from holiday. Will look forward to catching up! Kathy
22 Sep, 2020
Hello I'm afraid I can't join you/take part as am not on Facebook but hoping all is going well and the energy is expanding. Kathy
22 Sep, 2020
Andrew Wells
Hi Kathy, hope you enjoy the meditations! Best wishes to you and for all you do.