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Dru Power Centres meditation


Yoga has given humanity some awesome, genius discoveries that continue to empower millions of people, thousands of years on. One of the greatest of these discoveries is embodied within a simple statement:

You can access the power sources of your unconscious by changing your awareness along your spine. 

Welcome to the profound world of your chakras. They give you gateways to changing how your unconscious mind empowers – or disempowers – your world: 

  • When you improve your awareness around the base of your spine – you discover that life provides you with all the abundance and security you need. 
  • If you boost your sense of self within your sacral region, your relationships blossom and everyone becomes your friend. 
  • When you open to the dawning sunshine within your abdomen, your digestion improves and your decisions bear magnificent fruit. 
  • And so it goes, onwards and upwards through the power of love, communication and intuition, purpose and your life achievements. 

This meditation aims to help you access the strength within each chakra. 
It's no trivial exercise. It’s simple to do and a delight to experience, yet this meditation is an ancient technique, a core of the meditation curriculum within our yoga teacher training courses. In Sanskrit it’s called Chakra Shuddhi, purification of the foundations of your mind. But you don’t need to worry about the Sanskrit to enjoy it… here at Dru we aim to make ancient techniques accessible to absolutely everyone. 

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