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Wishing every one of our amazing DYTTSW team a magnificent Christmas!  May 2021 bring you peace in your hearts.

On behalf of Dru, we wanted to give you something that would fill your hearts and minds with light and joy.  We hope you will find this beautiful collection of songs by some of the senior Dru community will do just that.  Some of our well-loved songs in there: gayatri, shanti path and more.  

When you feel the need to connect with Bob and me, with Dru and all it stands for, and with each other in the DYTTSW team, go somewhere quiet, light a candle and play this album 'Shanti'.  May it fill your hearts so that it radiates through your home and family and out into your community and even further out to the farthest and most remote places on Earth, touching every soul and bringing them peace too.

You should hopefully be able to easily download this mp3.  Let me know if you have any difficulties.

Shanti mp3 cover

Namaste  -  Chris Barrington
Raghupate  -  Sian Edwards & Jane Clapham
Krishna Kanayalaa  - Savitri MacCuish
Outside of Time  -  Yamuna Loyal

Jai Radha Madhava  - Jane Clapham & Michiel van Schaveren
This Temple  - Susan Kulas
Gayatri Mantra  -  Radhika Patel
Avata Mori  - Jane Clapham
Shanti Path - Petie Opsteeg & Susan Kulas

With love and gratitude for all that you do to support our students on their journeys, and to support Dru in bringing peace and joy to the world.  You will probably never know who you are reaching and whose lives you are changing - but believe me, you are.

Love & Light

Anne & Bob xxx


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