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Five Keys to Spiritual Awakening

5 Keys to Spiritual Awakening


Spiritual Awakening is a journey to the very centre of who we are and most importantly - who we want to become. Feel free to use the resources on this page to support your self-discovery. 

1. Daily journal:
Journal is a powerful way for you to write down everything that happens on your path of self-discovery. You can use it daily as part of your practice to anchor the lessons you've learnt and explore concepts and ideas for your future. Journalling will also give you insight on how far you have come on your spiritual path - and who knows - maybe you'll use it as the basis for your biography once you're rich and famous!

Download journal >

2. Deep Relaxation

Savasana or deep relaxation can be a very important part of your spiritual awakening... Seems strange that doing 'nothing' should yield so many amazing results! Consciously relaxing creates space for your mind and emotions to settle, bringing you to deep inner stillness. Using your awareness and focus to get to that place is also a great practice for mediation.

In a nut-shell, calming the body and mind helps you to release the 'busy'ness of life and be in a place of deeper spiritual awareness of ourselves and the world around us. Use this relaxation regularly to create a sense of deep peace, calm and balance.

Click the link below to download your relaxation video:

Download relaxation video


3. Svadhistana mudra 
Gesture of the Inner Dwelling Place

Balancing the emotions is important on our journey to spiritual awakening. This mudra will bring awareness and calm to the Swadistana chakra, in turn helping us to find balance in our emotions and relationships.

Click the link below to download the mudra:

Download mudra

4. Chakra poster

Click the link below to download the chakra poster:

Download poster


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12 May, 2020
Hey Kathy - the videos are all still on the Facebook group for another 10 days or so here:
12 May, 2020
Hi Sandy - the link above is a 'download' link already - you may need to change the settings in your web browser if you are not getting it into your downloads folder. Remember it'll only download properly if you're on a computer (don't think it'll work from a phone or tablet. Hope that helps!
11 May, 2020
Is there anyway I can save the relaxation that Anouschka gave us please?
8 May, 2020
Hi there - have really enjoyed the first 3 days of this challenge - thank you! Please could you send the replay versions to my e mail address as for some reason didn't get Day 4 yesterday....and missed it. I am not on Facebook....hope you can help me to complete the 5 day course (or maybe the universe is saying I need to work further with Days 1 to 3!! )
5 May, 2020
Jane Clapham
@jonhavenhand - Hi dear Jon, I'll forward your email to the support team at and they can send you the video. Glad you're joining on this spiritual adventure. Love from all the team here, Saraswati
5 May, 2020
Hi, Where can I download Andrew's presentation from today (Tuesday)? I'm not on Facebook and I can't find it on the site. Thanks in anticipation of your help! Love, Jon.
5 May, 2020
Wonderful session today - day 2 - thankyou
5 May, 2020
So special this time with Dru. Thank you. Angela x
5 May, 2020
where is the link for this mornings session?
4 May, 2020
Hey Jeanette - we'll start at 11.30 over on the Facebook group :-) See you there.
4 May, 2020
Hi from Western Australia Can you please tell me what time this happens over here. Many thanks Jenny S
3 May, 2020
Printing off the journal as we speak. Looking forward to an amazing week ✨