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Forests for peace meditation

Here's a special gift for you! It's to say a big 'thank you' for your help towards creating Forests of Peace. Every tree you help plant is making a difference to our biosphere and our climate. It really means a lot!

This meditation aims to bring you the strength and life force of the forest. We've set it so you can download it* and watch it in the forest - or take it anywhere when you'd like to have a bit of forest inspiration. 

Andrew recorded this meditation while walking in the Epsom Common forest south of London in the autumn. As he says, 'An autumn forest has such an enduring sense of strength and stillness that I had to share it. And the scenes were stunning so I couldn't resist filming while recording the meditation - the filming is hand held, so please watch it on a smaller screen so you don't see too many of my bounces! - nevertheless I hope you'll find the meditation helpful and inspiring.'

Once again, thanks for your support!

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* Click here to download the video. Then click the 'Download' link under the bottom right of the video. If you have an Apple device, you must download it first onto your computer, add it to iTunes and then sync to your device. 

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