Practical Peace Meditation


How would you enjoy playing part in changing the world?

Doing your bit to add a little bit more peace to this wonderful planet? We may have the opportunity for you!

We’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of the World Peace Flame this year. In fact, coming 31 st July is its actual birthday! For 20 years the World Peace Flame has been and continues to be a symbol of peace, unity, freedom and celebration.

We believe that moment by moment, thought by thought, action by action, together we make the difference.

Therefore we would like to invite you and your friends to start a personal meditation practice for the next couple of weeks. A practice designed to help you connect with your innate wisdom and inner guidance—which helps you create more peace in the world around you.

The idea is this:

  1. Download and practice this meditation ideally every day till Wednesday 31 July (and of course longer if you want to).
  2. Invite two friends in the same country where you are and at least one friend who lives abroad to share this experience with. Our intention is to create a global wave of peace meditations that help us to become practical in creating peace in our everyday lives.
  3. Stay tuned for announcements about what is going to happen on the 31st of July when we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the World Peace Flame.

Let’s change the world together one meditation and one positive action at a time!

Get started now and download your meditation


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