Your Meditation Mastery tutorial time choice is 11 am |


Your Meditation Mastery tutorial time choice is 11 am

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"The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with the spirit lies its greatest joy."

Paramhamsa Yogananda

Thanks for choosing Tuesday at '11 am' (British Summer Time) for your tutorial group time. 

We’ll be in touch with you soon! 

We're excited to be on this remarkable journey of discovery with you.


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12 Oct, 2020
Hi there, I apologise if I should know this from previous information you’ve sent (my reason is that I’m on holiday for my birthday and spending time with my husband, not myself for once! anyway, my question is - Is Tuesday morning at 11 am for this coming week ie tomorrow or next week or every week?
9 Oct, 2020
Hopefully this is ok... Mary (Honeyman)
9 Oct, 2020
That's Great Thank you and see you all soon. Warmest Wishes Karen
9 Oct, 2020
I am so excited and prepared to give it 110 % effort