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The system of success

In the yoga tradition, there is a system of success known as the 4S's. If you including them as part of your life plan, you will have the key to having an energised, centred, joy filled experience and living within every moment.

  1. Seva – the power of service to others
  2. Sangha – the benefit of association with like minded people
  3. Satsang – the power of sharing and communicating in a way that empowers
  4. Sadhana - The power of a strong personal spiritual practice

Seva – the power of service to others

Making time to help others is a powerful way to super charge your energy levels, balance emotions and enrich one's good karma. When we go the extra mile, somehow providence comes to our aid in unexpected ways, just when we need it. This can take many different forms from making a cup of tea for a friend in need to taking time to offer support to a charity or to help a good cause. Even  when you may feel a bit low, you will be surprised how helping someone else change your state in an instant! It's a secret tool to success!


Sangha – association with like minded people

When we spend time with like minded people, we are able to share the wonder of what we know. This can add to our lives and strengthen our values and beliefs. It can give us confidence we are on the right path and doing the right thing at the right time. Whether this is attending a regular yoga class, or meditation class, it will have the same benefit. Why not go on a retreat or a training programme that helps you upskill in the company of like minded people. Even sharing a meal with good friends who are supportive and understand your life plan can help ( that is a hint – you can invite me to dinner any time – all vegetarian of course!).


Satsang – the power of sharing and communicating in a way that empowers

This is all about how we communicate. Even if you are a teacher, it is good to attend other classes to keep learning in an empowering and inspirational environment. In the yoga tradition, as in any professional setting, a mentor is a well recognised asset to one's self improvement, taking time to hear what others have to offer you and your life plan. It can also include being observant of how one speaks and our choice of words. Words can heal, but they can also hurt.


Sadhana - The power of a strong personal spiritual practice

This is about developing your personal daily practice in yoga and meditation. So often I hear of teachers that are so busy teaching they don't make time for a personal practice, but it is vital to success - and for keeping one stable, centred and emotionally balanced amidst ever changing circumstances. Please make time to establish a morning and evening routine that nourishes you from inside out.

Take time to understand and read around the 4S's. They can add colour, wisdom and insight into your life. Take one a week and work with it and watch the magic unfold!


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