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Health tips - detox your liver

For many different reasons we may find we've gained a little extra weight and we begin to struggle with the extra toxins in our bodies.

One organ that is under stress dealing with this extra load is our lovely liver! It is the most important organ to support the detox process, the break down of unwanted fats, and it lowers cholesterol, so definitely worth looking after! 

This video includes specific movement to support and detox your liver, which is also great for "the day after the night before"!


Here are some of my great tips for a healthy liver

  • drink plenty of water to keep hydrated
  • mix milk thistle tincture in a glass of water
  • exercise your body
  • drink vegetable juices
  • eat your greens – as this helps to alkalise the liver
  • eat beetroot and artichoke globes
  • take Barley Grass to nourish the liver
  • limit alcohol intake
  • avoid processed foods
  • reduce trans fats and overly fatty foods

And there's more you can do to support your liver – why not try the gate posture from the Vitality Sequence with Ruth Boaler.

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