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Flight to Freedom - entering into a moment of eternity

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If you haven’t experienced the depth of the Pigeon Breath yet, get excited because the magic of it will blow you away when you do discover its secrets! Nan shares her imagery and visualisations with this powerful practice she calls ‘flight to freedom’.

Nan is a yogi and one of the leading yoga teacher trainers of Dru Scotland. Her deeply intuitive and spiritual approach transforms even the ‘simplest’ yogic practices into a prayer in motion, a moment of divine connection.

Follow these simple instructions and enjoy.

  1. Complete the Prana Kriyas first (click here to watch on the Studio)
  2. Stand in Tadasana and guide yourself through the vertical alignment for a few minutes until you sense your connection with both heaven and earth
  3. Visualise a clear, clear blue sky – imagine a few white doves, flying freely in this spacious expanse. A total vision of peace, harmony and freedom
  4. Dedicate these three qualities to yourself and to the world
  5. Perform the Pigeon Breath in the usual way:

Step 1: as you inhale and raise your elbows feel as if you expand your wings and soar
Step 2: as you exhale through the mouth and your elbows lower, blow out a gentle breath of peace to the world with a sense of freedom
Step 3: holding the above position inhale and imagine you soar even higher
Step 4: breathe out and as your head rises and your arms return to the start position sense that the beautiful white dove has come to land, filled with peace, harmony and serenity

Repeat 2 – 3 times
Fold your hands into Namaste and honour all beings

by Nan Marshall

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