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Anouschka WisdomAs I approach my birthday, marking yet another trip around the sun, I have been thinking about some of the nuggets of wisdom I have picked up over the last few years. I hope they are helpful for you :-)

1. Get the basics right
So often we try to make important decisions from a place of emotional stress or inner turmoil and we don't even realise it! My mentors have tried to instil the dangers of making decisions in haste or speaking without really considering the implications.
There are so many physical factors that can deeply influence our mood, which can deeply affect how we perceive our world. Before you get too emotionally swayed (in any direction) consider - have you had enough:

  • Sleep - everything looks better tomorrow...
  • Food - are you "hangry"
  • Nature time - heal, let go and absorb prana to elevate your thinking
  • Meditation - quiet time can help add perspective

Please, take a few minutes or hours to get yourself back into balance before approaching any difficult situation. From a balanced physiology, you will find yourself more objective, clear and able to make the right decisions.

2. Don't hold what isn't yours to hold
So often we take on responsibility that isn't ours because someone else isn't doing it (and we pick up the slack).
There's an old adage: responsibility can only be taken not given. Because although a boss can give you a role it is actually up to us how much we 'own' it. But so often responsibility isn't anything glamorous or glorious - it is holding our family together - ensuring there is food on the table and the kids get to football practice, taking the bins out and walking the dog. But is it not also our responsibility to save the planet? 
The bottom line is that there is only so much we can do with the time and energy that we have. So it boils down to two things; Making the intelligent choices about what you can manage (and still thrive). And second, actively involving and even delegating to others. You would not believe the support that can come when we work as a functional team, tribe or family.

3. Allow yourself to be guided
So often in my life, I've been at the point of making a major decision and I try to do it from an intellectual perspective - you know - the list of pros and cons! There is always the little voice inside that is nudging one way or another - but I often can't hear it because my mind is too busy. 
The problem comes when we try to make decisions too quickly (so we don't hear the inner guidance) or with unrealistic expectations. 
To deal with unrealistic expectations, I have learnt that you can 'project' yourself forward into the future. "With the information that I have right now, how will my life be different if I were to do A, B or C." Take a moment to actively visualise the time, place and people and ensure you are REAL - not with rose-tinted spectacles! How would it actually feel 6 months from now?

Inner guidance is more subtle. It requires trust or faith that you are being guided by something greater than the ego mind. The word in Sanskrit is Shraddha. To tap into that voice I quieten my mind and then simply ask my higher consciousness or the universe to send me the guidance I need. Sometimes it comes in the form of a deep inner knowing (regardless of the pros and cons list!), but other times it is in the signs from nature as I walk, the words of a friend or even the smile of a stranger. 

I hope these nuggets of wisdom are helpful to you,

Anouschka x


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6 Mar, 2022
Thanks Anouschka. I needed these nuggets today! xx