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Astrology for February 2017

Yes, spring is on the way! This month the moon is full in the sign of Virgo on the 12th March. Virgo is an earth sign and people born under this star sign are often known for their meticulous nature and attention to detail. These are the analysts of the zodiac and they will often pick up on the tiniest of details that most people overlook. This can make them appear critical, but often it is because they can spot the mistakes.

This month the moon in Virgo could keep you busy trying to perfect that email or fine detail every task, maybe even looking at others with a little critical judgement, which you don't normally do.

Start the day with a relaxing yoga practice that sets the mind at ease and brings peace down in abundance. A sequence such as the Seat of Compassion works wonders on the pranic body as well as bringing positive feelings and thoughts into your consciousness. Virgo energy can often reduce our confidence, so on this full moon, complete the simple tasks on the to do list. Enjoy the fresh air - take time to plan a deep relaxation into the day.

It is worth mentioning that the Sun and Mercury are conjunct on the 6th march. The Sun will boost the ego – self esteem; Mercury will increase good communication at this time. Sometimes however when a planet is close to the Sun it becomes combust or burnt up so you may find that communication instead of being positive and full of harmony is confusing and unclear.  The bridge pose helps the throat centre and may be a good pose to start this day, enjoying clarity and good communication all day as a result.

Venus turns retrograde on the 4th March until 15th April during which time it is beneficial to review how you view your relationships. This can also be used to review other areas of your life too, especially your relationship with money. Venus is the planet of comfort and beauty and often is behind all our luxurious purchases that aren’t quite on the essential list, but we feel we just have to have!  

The new moon this month falls in the sign of Aries. You may recall Aries being full of passion and get up and go.  Well all that planning that you may have been doing during the eclipses in February needs to be put into action now. It's a great time to start projects and to take action. So, all those reflectors out there, put down your notebooks and believe that your planning is good enough.

The Dru Power sequence will definitely empower those projects at this time! To ensure the fire signs amongst you do not get too fiery, it may be useful to practice EBR 3 as well to attune the Pranamaya Kosha and Manomaya Kosha layers of your being. Then your actions will be born out of compassion.

Full moon in Leo on the 11th comes just after a lunar eclipse on the 10th in fact they are almost together. This is an interesting time as the eclipse could be considered a new start. So we could reset our thinking and let go of emotions that no longer serve us. This is particularly useful if you put your attention onto your relationships, whether they are work or family or close friends, it is the perfect time for a fresh start. The eclipse will also reveal those relationships which may be in need of rebalancing so that those imbalances are replaced with harmonious interactions.

The moon is in the sign of Leo. Leo is a fire sign and is magnanimous in nature, larger than life but the eclipse will be felt more than the influence of any Leo traits this time around, although beware everyone may still want to be in charge of something! Things to watch for will be dynamics between people, at home at work etc, polar opposites can create a bit of friction, but hopefully not for long.

Those of you who are fire signs, it will be good to practice the Earth sequence, for a week before and a few days after the full moon. For earth signs practice the Sun sequence, for water signs the Moon sequence and for air signs the Seat of Compassion.

Here are the signs:

Fire: Aries Leo Sagittarius

Earth: Taurus Virgo Capricorn

Water: Cancer Scorpio Pisces

Air: Gemini Libra Aquarius

The new Moon on the 26th February is in the sign of Pisces, some traits associated with Pisces include empathic, friendly often selfless and willing to help others, they are particularly intuitive and often artistic, sometimes they can seek attention a little too much and could be considered indecisive or lazy. Accompanying this new moon is a solar eclipse again this time becomes more powerful. New moon - new start, a perfect time to build on the opportunities created by the full moon earlier in the month. It is great to look at old patterns of behaviour and find new inventive ways of changing those patterns into something very positive and joyful for your journey over the next year. Yoga practices that would help to create new positive habit patterns include, The Energy Block release sequences used in Dru, particularly EBR 3 as this sequence transforms stuck energy to the heart, where you can direct it towards a higher goal.

One thing to also consider this month is the planet Jupiter turning retrograde from the 6th February until the 9th June. Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion is giving you these few months to really establish your plans for success and happiness, Jupiter retrograde helps to recognise areas in your life you would like to develop and gives you the tools to achieve this. Meditation is a magical key here, particularly meditations on the heart chakra. It is also very useful to keep a journal of your own life goals and ambitions. What is it you have come to this earth to complete? Now that is a good question.

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