Global Ambassador of Light - optional pre-course meditations |


Global Ambassador of Light - optional pre-course meditations

We are all travelling on our precious planet. 

This is week 5 of our preparation for the Global Ambassador of Light training on 11 June. Today, Andrew helps you discover the inner diamond of your connection with your greatness! It's a powerful way of increasing your 'fuse rating' for greater depth of spiritual connectedness and relationship with your Inner Teacher.

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Week 4 - Call the Prana of Vitality

Vitality and strength of life force are essentials for anyone who wishes to make a contribution to our beautiful world. In the Global Ambassador training, we'll be teaching you how to bring this vitality into every aspect of your life, fuelled and supported by the spark of soul force through the silent gateway of light within us all called Jyoti Kendra. In the lead up to that, we want to ensure you've had the chance to fill your cells and organs with light! This meditation invites you to supercharge your heart and your lungs with the radiance of pure lifeforce and then share that with your other organs so you can bring healing to where it is needed.


Week 3 - Enter the Oceans of Life

Join Annie Jones in harnessing the soft stillness of the oceans of life.This week's meditation  helps you build your experience of resting in the ocean of life. Create a still calm lake from which we can see the reflection of what is true.


Week 2 - Discover the power of Connectedness

Week 1 - Harness the prana of self love

Week 1 helps you call in the actual Prana of inner love. This 8 minute meditation (it starts around 3 mins into the video) shows you how to get in touch with this most special form of prana, and how to call it into your self so that become a stronger vessel. 

A foundation of inner confidence is core to being a light to the world, and a major part of the course will help you make great strides in your inner state.

And this is just the beginning of preparing you to be a Global Ambassador of Light.


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2 May, 2022
Thank you Andrew, that was a lovely meditation outside connecting with nature and other people important in your life. x