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Have a Vision for Your Practice

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens." Carl Jung 

Your Dru Yoga Practice and your Personal Vision

Tips for creating and Realising a Vision

  • Creating a Vision: Every aspect of your practice will help you create a vision. What you learn about yoga, what you read, your physical yoga practice, your pranayama practice, relaxation, and connecting with nature, all come together and help to inspire you and expand your thinking. 
  • Achieving your Vision: You could ask yourself: "What is it that I want to achieve by learning yoga?" Perhaps, imagine what your life would be like if you had a regular and rewarding yoga practice, what would come out of it?
  • Bring your Vision Alive: You may feel motivated to do your practice, by a vision of helping others to really benefit from it in the same what that you have. 
  • Break it down: Once your vision becomes clear or you have a few ideas, even, you can break your vision or idea down into smaller steps so that your big picture thinking becomes an achievable plan. 
  • Make it exciting: You could create a vision board that you can add to when you feel most inspired. This will reflect back to you exactly what it is you'd like to manifest and the feelings you would like to experience. Remember to add whatever you like to it, including beautiful words and pictures...and keep it on display to really keep your vision alive. 
  • Share your ideas: This can be with friends or a mentor that has achieved some of what you are yet to. When you share your dreams with a mentor whose own dream includes helping you to reach yours, it's likely to bring magical results.
  • Have patience: Realising your dreams takes a unique amount of time and effort to get to know yourself and motivate yourself in a way that really works for you. If your practice and vision bring you joyous feelings you are more likely to make things happen with ease, because a heightened state of positivity is key when it comes to manifesting your plan. 

         We hope you enjoy bringing a greater vision to your practice if you feel you'd like to, at this stage of your journey!

With love from the Dru Midlands Team. 

Ps. Why not share and celebrate the stages of your yoga journey, with us? By emailing us at midlands@druworldwide.com We'd love to hear from you! 

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