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Loving You

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Loving you is so easy, dear Lord...Your love is everywhere, in everything...

When we gaze at the sun setting over the water, we see Your glory before us

Looking at an autumn leaf on the ground, we see Your care and attention to detail.

The tiniest spider exploring the bathtub permits us to see Your beauty

Looking up at the sky above us we see Your magnificence!

When waves crash against rocks and thunder rumbles and roars, we hear Your power

Each songbird conveys Your sweetness, each crow Your persistence, each goose in flight, Your determination

And on rare occasions we are filled with awe when You fly overhead as a swan!

We are thrilled by Your enigmatic presence as a kingfisher flashes past

Feeling the Earth beneath our feet we touch Your steadfastness

As the dogs and cats snuggle up close to us we feel Your devotion and warmth

Your warmth and passion are also felt as we stand beneath the midday sun

And as we walk in the wind and rain we feel Your amazing capacity to cleanse and refresh us

When we taste fresh fruits we delight in Your lusciousness

The taste of well-cooked vegetables fills us with Your nourishing love

And we taste Your natural sweetness in honey

As we walk amongst the roses we smell Your exquisite fragrance

Breathing the odours of the damp forest floor we are purified by You

As we enter a busy kitchen where a delicious meal is being prepared, we inhale your richness and abundance

We sniff your delicacy when we bring a quince to our nostrils

As we gaze into the eyes of our loved ones, You are there

As we put our arms around them, hugging closely and warmly, we are hugging You

As we hear their voices telling us "I love you", You are speaking to us. 

And yet...

When we park our bodies, close our eyes and totally withdraw our senses,

that is when it is even easier to love You

As we come within, deeper and deeper, we discover Your light and Your love

We remember that we too are Your light and Your love 

We unite with You, our dearly beloved Lord. 

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29 Dec, 2020
Siobhan Fanning
A beautiful reminder.