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Mudra of confidence and trust

Good morning to you all. My name is Lalita.

As I'm speaking, I'm sitting here by the open window, and there is such a quality of softness, about today, the sun is really shining the birds are so exuberant in their songs and there is a hue of green everywhere. It is absolutely beautiful out there. I wish you all the same kind of mourning that I am experiencing here, and today I want to take the opportunity to take you through a mudra, a hand gesture. 

This particular mudra is called the uttara bodhi mudra and it means; uttara means highest and bodhi means wisdom.  This mudra that can lead us to the highest wisdom. And actually, what this mudra is trying to create within us, is a place of self-confidence. It's a place of wisdom that is authentic - that is entirely our own. And that's really quite important, particularly in this time we are living now. Every day, you only have to open the news, and there are so many things people tell us that create fear and anxiety. Also, we create an image of ourselves through our conditioning, through the way we've been brought up and the way that we evaluate ourselves. We may have limiting beliefs that are actually not the truth of who we really are. And this beautiful mudra attempts to bring us to a place within ourselves that is authentic.  I am often reminded that when we are on the path, or on the spiritual path, if you want to accomplish something you really need to work for it. This is actually saying work towards that which is authentic and really true within yourself. 

Now I’ll take you through the mudra. Before we do this just shake the hands a little bit, up and down around in different directions, and maybe just shake the fingers out. Create an awareness of your hands and fingers. I often think, we have these beautiful hands that are given to us, and we should appreciate our hands. 

The create the uttara bodhi Mudra, bring your hands to your chest in the praying hands position. Stay there for a moment, because that's also the beautiful mudra of just bringing all the opposites together in front of the heart; creating this incredible feeling of togetherness. 

Link the fingers together and then extend the index fingers, and then bring the tips of the thumbs together. The way to hold this Mudra is to have your thumbs pointing down, creating a connection with the earth, and the index fingers pointing upwards, creating a connection with the highest. 

Next hold the mudra against your body, with the tips of the index fingers touching the notch at the top of the sternum and the thumb tips near the base of the sternum. The elbows are held level and parallel to the floor. You may experience a wonderful sensation when you breathe in, with so much space.  You are really breathing into the heart here, opening the heart. Then close your eyes for a moment and feel the mudra against your body. This mudra will enable you to stay aligned with your true self, in all activities and all interactions that you may have with someone else, or with yourself. 

Release the mudra and bring the hands in front of you with palms facing the chest. Let the hand slide alongside each other, with the palm of one hand crossing the back of the other hand. Bring your hand into what is called the Garuda mudra at the heart, your thumbs interlink. It's a very gentle mudra, not spreading the fingers out, but keeping them soft and relaxed. Allow the breath to expand the heart and hands, and then to relax on the out-breath (as though the wings of the eagle are gentle moving in and out; bringing that inner trust and inner self-confidence to us. Then allow the tips of the thumbs to come together and coming back to namaste (praying hands), to that place where we pay reference to ourselves.

This mudra also works on a physical level, really work with improving our immune system. Practice this mudra and see what it does for you and affirm, “I am working on myself on all levels, and I experience self-confidence and total trust”. 

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