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Reconnecting to new possibilities

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Just before I started yoga teacher training, I was at cross-roads in my life. 

It was September 2016 and I had just re-prioritised my life and moved cities to be close to loved ones. I remember one particular day so well. I’d arrived in a rush from the office job that I was doing at the time. I sat myself down and took a deep breath. It was visiting time at the hospice where my mum was being cared for, and you never knew quite what to expect. There were tears, sometimes roaring laughter and usually frank words.

Met by the direct voice of a fearless mother, nearing the end of her life, I remember her question so clearly: "Isn't it time to do something different with your life?!"

On this day her words empowered me and gave me the permission that I needed to follow a longing that I’d felt for a while.  My search for a more fulfilling life became a much more serious quest. 

I remember arriving home that day feeling different. Something inside of me softened and I began to make space for myself. It began with physical space; a relaxing spot at home where I could begin a home yoga practice.  

I began on this day to listen to an anxiety and overwhelm that I'd been feeling for a while and to understand these feelings as signals redirecting me towards new possibilities. 

These are the Dru Yoga practices that I began with, in a class taught by Monica Staniforth, one of our wonderful Dru Yoga course tutors. 
I hope you enjoy the flow of movement as much as I did, the first time I experienced Dru Yoga (and continue to each time I make time for my practice!) 

Love, Liz 

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