Daisy in Sunset for Dru Yoga and Meditation techniques in Dru Yoga's wellbeing hub

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Posted on 4 June, 2017
*/ When humanity sets out to create unity the results are awesome. In fact when you look at the statistics, 99% of the world is at peace! Humanity has made stunning progress towards building unity, collaboration and health for all in the last 100 years... and when we build on this positivity we help it grow.  So when we hear news of suffering, terrorism or poverty, perhaps the greatest thing we can do in response is to add positivity to the world.  Here are just a few ideas for you - and feel free to add your own in the comments at the bottom of the page.   1. Give peace a chance Go to a time when you felt completely happy, fulfilled and at peace with yourself and the world. Re-live that feeling as fully as you can. Let it fill your body and mind. BE peace. Direct that peace... more

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