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Wellbeing Hub


Wellbeing hub


Posted on 17 September, 2021
Dr Ned Harfiel describes some of the research which demonstrates the power of Dru yoga techniques for improving wellbeing - physically and mentally.  A pilot study at Bangor University indicated that a yoga-based stretching and strengthening programme significantly reduced back pain and stress. Here's just some of the numbers from university research into the effectiveness of Dru Yoga: Area of wellbeing Increase More composed - less anxious 120% More clear-minded - less confused 500% More elated - less depressed 240% More energised - less tired 270% More agreeable - less hostile 100% More confident - less unsure 210% Life purpose and satisfaction 330% Self confidence during stress... more
Posted on 13 May, 2020
Posted on 11 May, 2020
Join Jane Clapham to learn how to manage anxiety and stress in confusing times.  
Posted on 10 May, 2020
After a Julie Andrew’s ‘esque’ moment I started to consider... what are some of my favourite things? How about you? What are... more
Posted on 9 May, 2020
Two important concepts from Advaita Vedanta are Satyam and Mitya, as they help explain what our true nature is and what has... more
Posted on 8 May, 2020
The magical moment of a first heartbeat  
Posted on 6 May, 2020
Happy Dru Anniversary!
Posted on 4 May, 2020
Posted on 3 May, 2020
In this mornings session we contemplate on what fullness means to us (and I don’t mean after a big lunch!) Completeness and... more
Posted on 2 May, 2020
Posted on 1 May, 2020
Posted on 30 April, 2020
Change your level of consciousness by ‘thanking’  
Posted on 28 April, 2020
Posted on 27 April, 2020
Reduce stress by doing one thing at a time! Jane reminds us of the song from the film brother sun sister moon, which reminds... more
Posted on 26 April, 2020
A great technique to help you clear away the ‘stuff’ from your energy field.  
Posted on 25 April, 2020
Today we are exploring dharma and adharma. What is dharma? Dharma is a Sanskrit word that denotes many things in different... more
Posted on 24 April, 2020
Good morning to you all. My name is Lalita. As I'm speaking, I'm sitting here by the open window, and there is such a... more
Posted on 22 April, 2020
Posted on 21 April, 2020
Posted on 20 April, 2020
Posted on 19 April, 2020
Sneak peak of EBR8 called the Radiant Heart Sequence.