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Wellbeing hub


Posted on 6 October, 2021
Hi everyone,  If you're interested in how meditation can be both really easy to do, as well as very simple - perhaps so you can more successfully share it with others, tonight's masterclass has some really great stuff! Explore > We've been exploring some relatively new branches of neuroscience and finding their brilliant parallels with what the mystics have always known. We'll explore how to step out of the anxiety spiral - a positive feedback loop the brain learns from strong patterns that makes it really hard to let go and move on (who knows about that one???) And we'll discover the emerging branch of neuroscience that studies interoception - the pathways from organs to brain that turn out to set much of our emotional scene! Dru Meditation has three stages of mindful awareness... more
Posted on 24 April, 2020
Good morning to you all. My name is Lalita. As I'm speaking, I'm sitting here by the open window, and there is such a... more
Posted on 22 April, 2020
Posted on 21 April, 2020
Posted on 20 April, 2020
Posted on 19 April, 2020
Sneak peak of EBR8 called the Radiant Heart Sequence.
Posted on 18 April, 2020
"The last freedom of humanity is to choose our attitude in any given circumstance" - Jane takes inspiration from Victor... more
Posted on 18 April, 2020
Just in case you’re suffering from anxiety or overwhelm at this time, Jane will share her tips to keep fear at bay and to... more
Posted on 17 April, 2020
Posted on 15 April, 2020
Posted on 13 April, 2020
How can we all serve the world better today? Please do help us by giving feedback on how we can support you at this time.  

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Posted on 12 April, 2020
Feel full of joy, abundance and creative as you use the energy of spring to step forward in your life.
Posted on 11 April, 2020
Jane describes the importance of reflection and reminds us of the introspection technique which empowers us to change and... more
Posted on 10 April, 2020
Pursed lip breath - simple technique as recommended by British Lung Foundation. Please pass on to family and friends. Great... more
Posted on 9 April, 2020
She talks about mental and emotional agility, resilience and vigour. Enjoy
Posted on 8 April, 2020
Nanna takes you through gentle restorative movements for your respiration.
Posted on 8 April, 2020
The purpose of the windmill is to open your chest and expand it so that you breath more openly and deeply. It also... more
Posted on 8 April, 2020
The purpose of the windmill is to open your chest and expand it so that you breath more openly and deeply. I also strengthen... more
Posted on 6 April, 2020
Even when life pulls us from our calm centre, we can return to our place of inner stillness-druvam. Jane shares the Savitri... more
Posted on 5 April, 2020
Amazing Christiane explains how big the capacity of our lungs is and how important it is to breathe fully and deeply. The... more