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Workplace wellbeing programmes

Workplace wellbeing programmes

Workplace Wellbeing Programmes

Now is the time to create positive health in your workplace. 

Our engaging and highly practical workshops give you and your staff strategies to cope successfully with stress, backpain and other health challenges in the workplace.


Find your team's worklife balance 

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Hazel Y

Architectural designer, UK

My job demands as an architectural designer were intense and stressful, but after I started a regular course in Dru the quality of my life started to change. 
Thanks to my regular Dru Yoga practice, I am able to meet the challenges at work head on. I am now actually enjoying delivering presentations to important clients and closing a deal, whereas before I sometimes felt like crumbling under the pressure! I have clearer focus to prepare and organise my busy schedules, and as a result I seem to have more time in a day. 
Dru gives me more energy, makes me a brighter and a more creative person all round and made my recent move abroad to the Middle East a breeze. 
And the good news is, Dru Yoga is easy, you don't have to be able to do the lotus to start to practise. Just Dru it!

We spend much of our lives at work. Many of the everyday ailments and pains of the modern workplace like stress, back problems and headaches lead to lack of concentration and productivity. 

Dru Worklife Balance programmes give your team education and training with a difference to create health and wellbeing in the workplace. The difference is - it’s fun, it’s sustainable and the methods, when applied, really do work! We can offer bespoke sessions in your place of work where we can train you and your staff in effective Dru techniques. Our entertaining and highly practical workshops will give you strategies to cope with stress and tension.

  • Education - understanding the key principles of wellbeing and lifestyle factors that affect it. 
  • Training – identifying organisational & personal needs and apply effective practical techniques  to prevent burnout and promote long term health.

Our most popular workshop topics include:

  • Burnout prevention
  • Relieving back pain
  • Increase clarity, creativity and focus
  • Nutritional stress busters
  • Break the stress cycle of the credit crunch
  • Movement for improved energy levels, mood, concentration and performance

You will see improvements in:

  • Physical, mental and emotional health 
  • Management of stress and anxiety
  • Relaxation levels
  • Concentration & clarity of mind 
  • Clear perception & decision-making 
  • Self-confidence 
  • Personal productivity 
  • Fitness, health and well-being

Dru workplace wellbeing programmes

Learn simple, effective techniques to de-stress quickly, boost energy levels and mental clarity.



Paul Krystall

Paul Krystall

It Consultant, Kenya

Dru has benefited every part of my life; myself, my relationships and my business.

Proven results

A university research study shows that yoga is significantly effective for improving wellbeing and resilience to stress in the workplace.  A team of researchers working at Bangor University found that a six week programme of Dru Yoga reduced anxiety and fatigue, while increasing emotional well-being and resilience to stress. Read more >

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