Anouschka Dack

Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer & tech wizz

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The Art of Relaxation - 30 min
Anouschka Dack   35 mins
Nurture yourself with this wonderful 30 minute deep relaxation, as Anouschka leads you through the... Read more...
Spinal Flow
Anouschka Dack   23 mins
Do you get tired after a long day at work? Do you need a short 20 min 'pick me up' session to... Read more...
Surya flow
Anouschka Dack   36 mins
Welcome to this class great class combining the wonderful Surya Namaskara (Salutations to the... Read more...
Warrior flow
Anouschka Dack   25 mins
Welcome to this exciting new sequence - the Warrior Flow, especially created for the Studio by... Read more...


Anouschka Dack

Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer & tech wizz
Anouschka Dack

I'm a Dru Yoga teacher trainer, holistic therapist and Energy Field Healer, living in the beautiful mountains of Snowdonia, North Wales.

I have been teaching yoga for over 14 years and in that time have come to love the flowing movements of Dru Dance as well as the stillness of yoga nidra or "yogic sleep".

I am also one of the main people behind the scenes at Dru Yoga Online. I've been filming, editing, scripting, designing, building and emailing you for many years... so we thought it was about time I stepped in front of the camera - rather then just being behind it!






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10 August, 2016
Dru Yoga - Bakasana: the crane
  Bakasana helps to strengthen the spine, the pelvic girdle and the legs and it also helps with physical balance. It also helps the circulation of the blood to the head as it falls into the inversion set of postures. By performing this ... Read more...
10 August, 2016
Dru Yoga - Dhanurasana: the bow
Dhanurasana or the Bow gives a complete activation of the whole spine, helping maintain both its suppleness and strength and also of the hips. It is an amazing backward bend, which opens the chest and stretches the pecs and the quads. In... Read more...
11 August, 2016
Dru Yoga - Natarajasana: the Lord of the Dance
Natarajasana or the ‘lord of the dance’ is an ancient posture which is indicative of a place of perfect poise and balance. It is a graceful and elegant posture which helps us to connect to those qualities within us.While at a deeper level... Read more...
10 August, 2016
Dru Yoga - parivritta trikonasana: the rotated triangle
                    The triangle posture is a great tonic for the digestion and with the twisting movement around the abdomen it helps to prevent constipation too. This posture and the Extended triangle (Utthita Trikonasana... Read more...