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Anouschka Dack

Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer & tech wizz

Anouschka Dack

Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer & tech wizz
Anouschka Dack

I'm a Dru Yoga teacher trainer, holistic therapist and Energy Field Healer, living in the beautiful mountains of Snowdonia, North Wales.

I have been teaching yoga for over 14 years and in that time have come to love the flowing movements of Dru Dance as well as the stillness of yoga nidra or "yogic sleep".

I am also one of the main people behind the scenes at Dru Yoga Online. I've been filming, editing, scripting, designing, building and emailing you for many years... so we thought it was about time I stepped in front of the camera - rather then just being behind it!






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