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Coby Langford

Dru Yoga Trainer & Osteopath

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Yoga for Athletes: Warm Up
Coby Langford   29 mins
Do not start training without doing this class first! This is a fantastic complete pre-training... Read more...


Coby Langford

BSc. (Hons) Ost. Med.
Dru Yoga Trainer & Osteopath

As a trained Osteopath and qualified Dru Yoga Instructor, Coby combines the two practices to provide a unique holistic approach to controlling back pain.

With 12 years' experience Coby has spread her knowledge and expertise across the UK and Europe, giving lectures, assisting workshops, writing regular health articles and even appearing on GMTV’s couch with Lorraine Kelly. Coby also teaches on the International Dru Yoga Teacher training course, coaching Dru Yoga teachers on how to help students with back pain. She believes the success of a yoga programme is determined by the ability to target the areas causing the pain.

Her back conditioning programme, available on audio CD, is sold internationally by Osteopaths and Yoga Instructors and is now being stocked by GPs in the UK.