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Padma McIntyre

Senior Dru Yoga Tutor

Padma McIntyre

B.Ed. (hons), Dip PE, Dip Dru Yoga
Senior Dru Yoga Tutor
Padma McIntrye

Padma has been an enthusiastic practitioner of yoga for more than 30 years and teacher of yoga for more than 21 years. With a background in teaching Physical Education and Creative Dance she later trained in Dru Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu and Ayuvedic massage. This package of skills and understanding of the body and how it works provides an effective tool-kit for optimising health and well-being at every level. 

“I love teaching Dru Yoga as much today as I did when I started in 1992 because I get great joy from witnessing my students as they emerge more fully into their inner strength, personal empowerment and self trust as their yoga practice starts yielding its fruits”.

Padma’s special field of interest is in training Dru Yoga graduates to teach Prenatal Yoga

She currently works as part of a team of tutors with the International School of Dru Yoga to develop and teach undergraduate and post graduate teacher training programmes in Dru Yoga. 

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6 September, 2013
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