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Dru's unique style of scientifically proven and emotionally transformative yoga is taught by our top international tutors many of whom have been practising Dru for over 30 years. One of the first online yoga platforms, The Studio holds to the core ethos of Dru; "Transform the world by giving people the tools to transform themselves."

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In-depth classes with yoga and health experts to take your knowledge deeper.

Dru is inclusive and adaptable - it suits all ages and fitness levels.

Discover ancient yogic knowledge shared in an accessible way.

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Learn how to live a life of passion and purpose with yoga, mudras and affirmations.

Develop friendships with like-minded people around the world with our online community.

Master your mind and emotions and become empowered and strong.

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As a member, you'll have access to 100s of classes which have been curated by our top international tutors into themes, challenges and progressive courses. With new content added regularly, you'll always have something new to explore, or you can dip back into your old favourites!




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I love the Online Studio because there is just so much to choose from - yoga, Ayurveda, meditation... And so many different teachers.

Machteld Van Impe

I practice Dru on and off the mat on a daily basis. I certainly couldn't do my emotionally demanding job without it.


I've been a member of the Online Studio since it started and love it. It is has evolved and improved greatly over the years, a big thank you from me.

Linda Griffiths


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Sustainable Change
Radha Patel

Goals are not about perfection tomorrow, but more about a gradual and continuous improvement in our health and wellbeing. By taking small steps we designed today, we can make tomorrow even better. Delight in this process of redefining yourself!

The Vitality Sequence
Ruth Boaler & Anouschka Dack

Welcome to one of the most exciting sequences in the Dru Yoga library, the Vitality Sequence. This asana-based flow is a powerful method to open the gateway to the energy source deep within you. Be prepared to be fully stretched and mobilised in all directions!

Meditation for Inner Balance
John Jones

Take time to relax and centre your body and mind. You can use this short, 20 minute meditation to find a place of deep stillness and inner balance. It is particularly effective if you are busy or stressed, or if you need to create a bit more space around you.

Practise yoga at home. Anytime.

Only £9.99 a month

Unlimited yoga, meditation and inspiration. Sign up now for your free trial.