Coming up on the studio this month...

Hi Studio members!
How, are you getting on? Here in Wales we're just finishing an intensive Ayurveda Course and putting our plans in place to meet many of you at the London Yoga Show in October.

This month we've got Radha with a fabulous TOGA class and a continuation of Radhika's Gita series... and in case you didn't know Radhika is my twin... and Radha - my niece! So, it's definitely all about family here this month.

Take care,

Annie Jones


Try a 30 day challenge!

Movement is fantastic mood enhancer - simply by walking or doing yoga you can feel happier, more energised and less stressed, but for some reason its really easy not to feel inspired to move!

So, why not try a 30 day challenge? 


Here are our tip tips to a successful 30 days:

  1. Choose your classes
    Spend an hour or so adding some great classes to 'your favourites' by clicking on the little '+' icon on every video page. Choose a variety of subjects you know will interest you and also those areas you need to work on. Try the 'themes' area of the home page for some great ideas to get you started. Remember to check the duration of the classes if you know you'll be short on time. 
  2. Plan and schedule
    Unless you're exceptionally self motivated a plan is the only way you're going to get to the end of your 30 day challenge still doing your yoga practice! At the end of each week set yourself a yoga schedule for the next few days and remember to tell your nearest and dearest you're not available at those times!

    You may find you have to fit it in between or before everything else... just remember its worth it! You'll feel fitter, more energised, calmer and more focused.
  3. Create your space
    Create a focused yoga space - get out the candles, yoga mat, blanket and of course - a 'do not disturb' sign for the door! If you can, set aside this space for the duration of your challenge. If you can't keep your things set out, keep them tidy and easily accessible. The theory being that if your mat is unrolled when you get home from work... you can simply stand on the mat and begin!


Dru Yoga Online inspirational quotes

Have fun giving some inspiration to others.

Lynda Binks

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