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10 Min Health Talk on the Menopause

10 mins

Enjoy this free 10 minute talk by Annie Jones.

Whilst experiencing the menopause herself, Annie has discovered many practical tips and ideas which she shares with you in this video to help you to feel on top form right the way through your menopause.

She will explain what happens with the hormones as the body changes and that our high Oestrogen diets have created an extreme environment for the body, giving rise to hot flushes, heightened stress and memory loss. The good news is - we can change our state. Support the liver and the adrenals and you can definitely improve the experience. She provides lots of options for you to try out.

You are unique, so try some of the ideas, from what we eat and drink to supplements and superfoods, yoga and meditation. Enjoy this most precious time in your life!


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Members' comments:

2 Dec, 2020
Storybook3's picture
Hi annie. The black cohosh can damage your liver and is not recommended for menopause now.There is a good website for advice called menopause matters to explore alternative treatments for menopause thanks
12 Nov, 2020
Jackie Grubb's picture
Jackie Grubb
Great tips, many thanks Annie
18 Jun, 2017
Chrissie Martindale's picture
Chrissie Martindale
Hi Annie. Thanks for all the brilliant tips as always. I've been finding that I am having lots of night sweats recently, although it's something that seems to get worse when I'm feeling more stressed. Any more tips on how to have a dry and peaceful night? Chrissie
4 Oct, 2015
blaise ashley's picture
blaise ashley
Thanks, Annie for your brilliant suggestions. I am an older woman wanting to improve my sleep patterns and secure a slimmer weight. What is thetermfor a womanwho has beenthrough the menopause several. years back? That is where I am now. I like the suggestion of the barley orwheat grass. Is it also good for sleep?
27 May, 2015
Caroline Saxon's picture
Caroline Saxon
Hello Annie, I just wanted to say thank you for the information. Although I'm not there yet myself I do have people attending my yoga sessions who are currently going through the menopause. Knowing a little bit about it will obviously make my sessions more informed and thus more effective for them.
15 Feb, 2015
Wilma's picture
dear Annie, I just heard your information about the menopause, I am in this perios rigt now and being a yoga teacher myself feel the change in my body and soul, it is a puzzle to make a kind of new start. Thank you for the supplement advice, as a dutch lady I could not understand the names of the supplement after the C vitamines........would you be so kind to write them in an e-mail, specially for my pain in muscles and bones.........it would be a relief to help me with the daily live. All the best, warm wishes wilma


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