Dru Meditation - nadi meditation along the canals of England and Wales - Andrew Wells

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A Meditation to Clear & Energise Your Nadis

28 mins

This meditation is designed to clear some of the most important nadis in your body - and then fill them with energy.

Filmed during a holiday on the Llangollen canal in Wales and England, this meditation is designed to help your mind become seriously mellow!

Nadis are the yogic term for the channels of consciousness that flow through our body and mind, linking our awareness with the world within and around us. A journey along a canal is a perfect metaphor for clearing and energising them.

This is a thorough meditation, containing a detailed sitting relaxation and continuing with a process of clearing and then energising for each of these key nadis:

>  Base - feel stable and supported by life
>  Solar plexus - discover radiant vitality
>  Heart - enjoy a heightened sense of 'de-light' in life
>  Ears - learn to love the sounds around you
>  Eyes - see the world in a whole new way
>  Whole spine - recharge your whole body, mind and spirit

How to get best results from this video

Gliding through the spectacular canal country of Shropshire and Wales was just too cool an experience not to share with you all. However, with my holiday filming gear it wasn't possible to do a completely smooth job of filming. In fact even with a good professional rig it's nearly impossible not to get a few bumps in your video while on a canal boat; they are actually designed to bump along the sides of the canal at times! (It was partly this fact that gave me the idea of sharing a nadi-clearing meditation with you!)

So, I think you'll enjoy the video more if you don't have it on full screen**, tempting though it might be to see that gorgeous scenary full size. Still, having said that, how come you are doing this meditation with your eyes open??

Enjoy and relax, 


**PS: If you do want to see it at a size halfway between the video embed on this page and full screen, just click your Ctl key (Cmd on Mac) and the plus key to zoom your browser's page to a larger size. Eventually, your browser will show the video in a larger size.

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Members' comments:

19 Jun, 2020
Potty's picture
Nice relaxation sorry but I found your voice irritating.
30 Apr, 2020
JuliaS's picture
Thank you Thankyou Thank you.
8 Apr, 2020
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
This meditation is such a great one to include in your practice every week or so as a way to re-energise and cleanse your internal energy system. We often work with the chakras, but the nadis - the energy channels are also really important to keep balanced. :-)
4 Apr, 2020
SteveMcCaffrey's picture
that was soo good , feel so enegised
18 Feb, 2019
Amazing Claire's picture
Amazing Claire
Thank you for a lovely meditation. Gentle and calming as always, Andrew.
17 Aug, 2018
LulaG's picture
What a healing meditation. Thank you so much for your clarity, compassion and insight Andrew
22 Dec, 2017
cat's picture
As I recuperate from a nasty illness I needed some internal cleanliness and a feeling of well being to surround me. Annie recommended this meditation with Andrew and she was right. Thanks you Andrew I will do this over the coming few days to feel better by Christmas Day. Wonderful.
2 Sep, 2017
Sybil's picture
A lovely way to start the 30 day challenge
11 Jun, 2017
joyousjulie's picture
Thank you Andrew. I feel my energy refreshed and full of light after a busy few days. Sparkling from inside out again!
4 Jun, 2017
Nicky's picture
Thank you Andrew, feel really chilled now, as if all my stress and anxiety as melted away.
30 Mar, 2017
gaynor's picture
beautiful calming meditation. Thank you Andrew and ace video of the valley too
29 Jan, 2017
VIRGINIA's picture
Thank you Andrew, that was beautiful, very soothing and leaving a sense of deep peace bringing me home.
12 Sep, 2016
juliehooper28's picture
Oh what a beautiful meditation Andrew. Thank you for sharing this visual delight and what a magnificent space and time to have shared with your father!!! I listened first and did the meditation with my eyes closed then I turned the volume down and just watched the glorious countryside drift quietly by. So peaceful. Gratitude and love to you.
23 Aug, 2016
DahnaM's picture
Wow! I did this while at home sick with a cold. I feel so much less clogged up now! And what a great analogy with the canals. Thanks Andrew.
31 May, 2016
Silvia Boeira's picture
Silvia Boeira
Wonderful meditation Andrew! Thank you! So much stillness and love!
2 Mar, 2016
JennyMo's picture
Thanks Andrew, that was amazing....I layed in Savasana for this meditation as that was what my body needed, and still it was an amazing experience. I felt such a deep sense of clarity and stillness within. Wonderful meditation...I look forward to doing that one again :-) Jenny
12 Jan, 2016
Sybil's picture
Have watched this today with the sound off for a change. Was able to forget the wind and rain outside and enjoyed the peace. Sybil
16 Aug, 2015
MartinR's picture
Andrew that's the best meditation I have heard/experienced in many a year and as I am quite ancient that is a huge compliment ! Thank you from my heart ☺️
5 Mar, 2015
Jan McLaughlan's picture
Jan McLaughlan
A beautiful journey, thank-you
5 Mar, 2015
Veronicaisme's picture
lovely and calming thank you just what I needed.
24 Feb, 2015
Birdsong66's picture
I thoroughly enjoyed this meditation
24 Feb, 2015
Birdsong66's picture
I thoroughly enjoyed this meditation and the sound of Andrew's voice.. I felt I had no sooner started the meditation and it was finished.
24 Feb, 2015
rbn.collins@gmail.com's picture
Thanks Andrew. A great experience and I have done with eyes closed & open so I don't miss out on anything! Robyn
16 Feb, 2015
alexis's picture
This is a wonderful meditation, thank you so much Andrew
12 Feb, 2015
JoanKlink's picture
Thank you Andrew! It was a magical meditation! with love


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