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adapting to change

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Adapting to Change

55 mins

In this class, filmed recently on location in Australia, Ruth guides us through a series of preparation and grounding movements including activations, Anahata Breath, Standing and Twisting Cat and the Bridge posture before introducing the beautiful balance pose of The Dancer or Natarajasana.

Natarajasana is said to be a Master posture of Dru Yoga, and it is a brilliant way to get yourself in a place of perfect harmony and alignment at all levels.

Complete the class with the child pose and a 10-minute complete body relaxation. This beautiful instruction from Ruth, which ends with the affirmation “I flow and adapt easily in life”, will assuredly help you to prepare for the year ahead!

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Members' comments:

12 Feb, 2024
moiranirvana's picture
Great class, the activations are great preparation for the dancer pose, lovely thank you for the inspiration
14 Feb, 2023
dwilson163's picture
Thank you Ruth. Really enjoyed this and I love all your classes. Thank You
21 Feb, 2022
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you Ruth - I really enjoyed the movements, and the positive language. I feel able to adapt to change. A lovely setting for the class too. Thank you. xx
28 Dec, 2021
Jean Nelson's picture
Jean Nelson
A great class. It was lovely being with you by the beautiful sunny lake when it's cold and dark here in Lancashire, England. Thank you. xx
2 Dec, 2021
Yoga with L's picture
Yoga with L
Thank you, I feel very refreshed. Lian :)
6 Jul, 2021's picture
Thank you for a lovely class, perfect as I move forward into a new chapter.
5 Apr, 2021
DianeHeather's picture
Thank you Ruth and Angela. Burley Griffin is a lovely backdrop for this class.
27 Mar, 2021
KathyField's picture
I really love these classes S on Balancing the elements - have a lovely sense of openness and calm. I enjoyed the activations and the perfect choice of EBR prior to Natarajasana! Are there any others in the series available? Thank you
7 Mar, 2021
SilkeD's picture
Thank you Ruth and Angela. I have done this class a few times now and it grounds me beautifully every time. :)
2 Feb, 2021
JuliaS's picture
Thanks Ruth Jnaan Mudra.
2 Feb, 2021
JuliaS's picture
Love EBR2 and Love your Classes Ruth. What was that Mudra called?
10 Jan, 2021
Mickey Baliakas's picture
Mickey Baliakas
Thankyou Ruth and Angela, a great class for me, and I will pass onto my students next week.
6 Jan, 2021
ChrissyR's picture
Thank you thank you thank you Ruth & Angela for this wonderful class. I stumbled across it yesterday and visited again today. I leave both times feeling free & relaxed.
1 Jan, 2021
NickyH's picture
Thank you Ruth and Angela - a wonderful class to start the New Year xx
31 Dec, 2020
JuliaW's picture
Loved it. Thank you x
29 Dec, 2020's picture
Simply perfect - thank you Ruth and Angela.
29 Dec, 2020
juliehooper28's picture
Thank you Ruth. I’ve really enjoyed your clear instructions. A great class to do in these times and also coming up to a new year. Hari Om
27 Dec, 2020
Jan Hall's picture
Jan Hall
Thanks Ruth .... really enjoyed your class, and to focus again on Natarajasana, which I haven't practiced for a while. I have followed your class three times this week!! :)
23 Dec, 2020
UnaC's picture
That was a lovely relaxing class. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely energy with us. Una


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