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Ananda-antara Dru Dance 2

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Ananda-antara Dru Dance Phrase 1 & 2

60 mins

In this Dru Dance class Christiane develops the Ananda-antara Dru Dance to include phrase 2 of the dance. Enjoy this beautiful flowing dance sequence, designed especially for you on the online studio. 

Beauty, grace and flow combine in this strong sequence of yoga and dance.  Re-discover phrase 1 and then develop into the complete Ananda-antara Dance. Ananda translates from the sanskrit as "bliss" and Antara means "within you". Therefore the essence of this Dru Dance is "finding bliss within".

The Ananda-antara sequence will bring you physical strength as well as vital energy which you can then use to direct towards your highest vision. Through physical and inner alignment it improves focus and concentration, helping you to find balance in your life.

Mudras (hand gestures) used in this dance are:

The Prana Mudra, the Deer mudra, the Bhrama mudra.

Aims of Ananda-antara dance sequence:

Physical benefits

The Ananda-antara sequence will bring you physical strength as well as enhanced vitality. 

Mental and emotional benefits

Through physical and inner alignment Ananda-antara helps you to  focus and concentrate. 

Emotional benefits

Ananda means joy or bliss, Antara means 'inside you'. Therefore, it aims to awaken your innate joy which is actually part of our natural state.

Add to this the power affirmation: "I manifest my highest vision effortlessly."

Please do not attempt to do this class if you are either pregnant or if you have back problems. 

The  sequence 

To begin with, please familiarise yourself with the first part of this series (see phrase 1) . You will  also greatly benefit from revising the Tree posture (Vrksasana) as well as EBR4.​
1. The Flow ins 

Includes gentle mobilisation of the spine, Breath of Arjuna fearless flight (with Brahma mudra), clapping tree, sacral lumbar release (with Prana mudra),  C.O.G Warrior (centre of gravity).
2. Demonstration only of phrase 1 & 2
This 3 minute sequence contains a wealth of asanas and mudras including the  Pose of Sita, Vrksasana (Tree) , Heaven & Earth Alignment, the Eagle of wisdom , Fearless flight, EBR4. Watch Christiane as she performs the dance which includes both phrases.

3. Phrase 1 review Christiana takes you through a detailed and guided review of phrase 1.

4. Phrase 1 and 2 combined. Christiane guides you through the full dance.  Once you have familiarised yourself with Ananda-antara, feel free to go back to the demonstation and join Christiane for this dance of inner joy!

5. The Cool Downs
Cool down with the Fig 8 (with hand on hip),  table top jam jar/side stretch, painting a masterpiece
5. Relaxation

Enjoy a 10 minute gentle relaxation to complete this session.

Dru Dance

Ananda-antara Dru Dance (Phrase 1 demo)
Watch this great demonstration of phrase 1 of the Ananda-antara Dance.

Ananda-antara Dru Dance

Ananda-antara Dru Dance (Phrase 1)
Discover the joy and freedom of Dru Dance in this newly created dance by Christiane Saar. This dance was created especially for Dru Yoga Online and combines elements such as heaven & earth stretch, rotated triangle and the runner. Simple but powerful, phrase one of the Ananda-antara dance helps to balance your energy system and create a sense of expansion - opening the heart and mind.

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Members' comments:

1 Dec, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
I so enjoyed this class. Thank you Christiane. I loved the fact that I had to really concentrate. I was completely absorbed in the dance. xx
4 Jun, 2020
kathrineparker1@me.com's picture
Love the energy and grounded feeling after this class. Thank you Christiane, clear, well timed and heartfelt teaching as always. Namaste.
30 Apr, 2020
JuliaS's picture
I love Christiane's classes. This dance sequence was beautiful.
1 Dec, 2018
Lynda Statham's picture
Lynda Statham
Excellent and so beautifully taught, Thank you so much Christiane. Much love x
12 Nov, 2018
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Thanks everyone for your comments on this wonderful class :-) I hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoy teaching and sharing it! My suggestion??? Learn this dance by heart and then when you're next out on a walk in a forest or on a mountain top - do this dance as your yoga practice. It totally enhances the connection to the earth and the elements as well as enhancing the power of the yoga. Enjoy!
10 Nov, 2018
LulaG's picture
Huge gratitude to the team for this beautiful and profound dance class. I feel aligned, energised and empowered. Love it! Christiane you are a marvel teaching all that with the mirroring!
28 Jul, 2018
Jo's picture
Thank you Christiane, helping to anchor and expand even further on the dance following an amazing workshop with Anouschka & Helen.
28 May, 2018
charlottemay@talktalk.net's picture
This is a wonderful class. Christiana teaches the physical movements of this beautiful Dru dance sequences with a clarity which aids ease of learning; she adds affirmation and visualisation to bring a deep integration of body, mind and soul. Thank you Christiana!
28 Apr, 2017
Ontmoettilly@gmail.com's picture
What a treat. Thanks. Looking forward to next dance. Love from Tilly
5 Mar, 2017
Lucy Cleary's picture
Lucy Cleary
Thank you Christiane, it was a beautiful class and challenging too :-)
14 May, 2016
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
Absolutely beautiful dance and fantastically taught, Christiane. Thank you so much.
26 Jan, 2016
Jane O'Halloran's picture
Jane O'Halloran
Thank you - seems a long time to wait! I'm keen! x
18 Jan, 2016
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi Jane, This Dru Dance should be live on 1st May.
18 Jan, 2016
Jane O'Halloran's picture
Jane O'Halloran
When will we this video be available?


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