Attuning to the elements

Attuning to the elements

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Attuning to the Elements

 -   & 
Angela Baker
22 mins

Ground and centre your mind and body

On those days when there is so much going on and you are being stretched in all directions by many people, family, friends. When there is a crisis in the family or at work, this is the sequence to practice. It gives one of those Ahhh moments where something inside can let go and relax. Energy Block Release 3 is a very nurturing and nourishing sequence. The Earth Salutation is easy to do and grounding, centring. The Golden Eagle will charge you energy levels up and remind you that all is ok and that you have the ware-with-all to rise above life’s ever changing moments to see the best in it all!
Take a moment now and give yourself an opportunity to relax and re-charge effortlessly! Join Monica by this refreshing river. All the elements are here to balance every part of you. The powerful earth that she stands upon, the flowing river that is behind her, the light of sun and the freshness of the Welsh air that she breathes. They are all here for you too. As you begin to practice, the activation will release tension and tightness. The Sacro Lumber release will free the spine and ease any back pain. Energy Block Release 3 will open the lungs and your heart and will allow you to feel hope again, to breathe a sigh of relief that all is well. It is just one of those sequences!. The Earth Salutation (this is Monica’s favourite) will bring you back in touch with the best in you and will remind you that life is here to help not hinder. It will remind you that all that unfolds around us is to bring out the best in us. So be nourished by the elements and feel the nurture of the earth and allow yourself to let go and relax. To trust that all is well and as it should be.

1. Activation

2. Sacro Lumbar Release

3. EBR 3

4. Earth sequence

5. Golden Eagle

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Members' comments:

30 Oct, 2023
Liz Waddington's picture
Liz Waddington
& it was so lovely to see you in person last month in the centre. Blessings still be poured on you lovely being
21 May, 2023
SunFlowersfab's picture
wow! 8/5/ first challenge self empowerment, then the 7 day chackra challenge. As suggested by Annie all week I repeated the sequences that I was drawn too. Swadhisthana I decided to perch on the edge of a garden bench and fold forward that way, I have reduced range of movement in lumbar spine post surgery. It sure shifted emotions. Today I explored the online studio classes that refer to or help me more with my efforts to balance my various chackra's; thanks Annie (Dru Team) for that steer. I feel like a bird following seeds laid down by Dru Teachers I am so happy to be on this Dru on line path. I loved the flow and ease of Attuning to the elements thanks Sandra. There are some changes on the domestic front our youngest son 18 is flying the nest for the summer a new role.He left one path of training he had engaged with for a year.He found himself another job. Mid week I asked if his contract had been emailed yet? his reply was Mum don't worry it will all PAN OUT. So what I am learning more and more is to do what it says at the end of Attuning to the elements 'To trust that all is well and as it should be'. To trust our sons to do what is right for them. Its all so special Dru team sharing all the ways I can tap into my wisdom.I awoke with the affirmation Annie in my head 'I am at peace with myself and my world' thanks. Sandra I love the Eagle sequence also and EBR 3.
4 May, 2023
Liz Waddington's picture
Liz Waddington
Sending prayers & thoughts for a positive recovery & dedicated this practice to you today
14 Mar, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you Monica and Angela. A beautiful setting in the forest. Thankfully we have sunshine in Yorkshire this morning. I feel energised and very calm. I love the Eagle sequence. xx
10 Dec, 2022's picture
Lovely! This is a refreshing and calming sequence. Thank you.
13 Jul, 2022
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you for this class in nature. I really enjoyed the soft flowing movements of the earth sequence. I will practice Golden Eagle more too.
13 Jun, 2022
urvashi's picture
Thank you for the invitation to try this movement. It is very energising, just what I needed today.
5 Jan, 2022
KayMarples's picture
5.1.22 Thank you for the invitation to try this movement. It was most nurturing on a day when I hear of so many people having the virus, even our doctor's surgery is overwhelmed with staff off sick. So this was a ray of sunshine in my day.
30 Aug, 2021
Jacky1970's picture
Wow loved the music as well!
4 Jun, 2021
61Cassie's picture
Just perfect! A beautiful flow. Thank you
16 Oct, 2020
Jaybee14's picture
Lovely class thankyou, I really enjoyed this!
28 Mar, 2020
Chapilatestudio's picture
what a beautiful class on these days...all WE need is NATURE APPRECIATION
11 Feb, 2020
SilkeD's picture
I love this version of the Earth Sequence. Very calming and grounding. Thank you.
25 Jun, 2019
jan.green817's picture
Lovely class but am having some problems with the video stopping and starting
4 May, 2019
Ambha Clare's picture
Ambha Clare
Thankyou Monica ,my favourite old friends these particular sequences and so lovely to be given them and to remember that still grounded place full of light. The most perfect medicine ever.Namaste Ambha Clare. Walter
22 Feb, 2018's picture
I have been working with this sequence everyday for a week now - it grounds, centers and opens me. Beautifully designed and taught. Thank you so very much for this - it is a gift!
22 May, 2017
Nicky's picture
My first home yoga practice with Dru, it was awesome, really loved it. Feels like I have finally come home. So glad that I went to the Om yoga show at Manchester last friday and found Dru yoga :-)
3 May, 2017
Machteld's picture
This is just lovely! Why didn't I notice this one before?
9 Feb, 2017
jennyclare's picture
great to do before work as its just the right length x
2 Dec, 2016
SylviaC's picture
Thank you so much for this class! I've done it before, but after starting a new job - I've experienced the true benefits of Dru once more. Such a stress buster!
10 Nov, 2016
HilarySymmans's picture
Thank you Monica, a beautiful calming session. I really look forward to doing this session after a busy day, and feel energised and refreshed. Love the music too.
3 Jul, 2016
Pauline Hall's picture
Pauline Hall
Lovely sequence Monica. The answer to a prayer.Beautiful
2 May, 2016
Diane Malpass's picture
Diane Malpass
A truly awesome session.I really felt the Earth Connection, becoming one with Mother Earth. Enjoyed the Golden Eagle Sequence in particular and will be sharing it with my yoga students in future classes. Thanks Monica.
3 Jan, 2016
Alison Fernando's picture
Alison Fernando
This was lovely to experience. It makes a pleasant addition to the classes available. I could actually imagine myself in the forest and it also gave me some much-needed light! Thank you for the beautiful and skilful work of all who made this class. I was also amazed to cover 3 sequences in about 20 minutes, but it didn't feel at all rushed or superficial - great work!
1 Jan, 2016
anneeliz's picture
I love working outside and this sequence is perfect!
21 Dec, 2015
sandraleigh108's picture
beautiful moves and so graceful! Thank-you :)
19 Nov, 2015
Linda Griffiths's picture
Linda Griffiths
Beautiful session as always, thank you so much Monica xx
30 Sep, 2015
Kayostell's picture
Lovely sequence in the woods, great to see you Monica, more from you please. The sequence has opened my chest and calmed my emotions.
6 Sep, 2015
purplepaula's picture
Beautiful and gentle sequence. I really enjoyed this one. Easy going on the joints to start my day. Thank you
4 Jun, 2015
Balance_69's picture
Really enjoyed doing this sequence early morning whilst sun out in the garden and what a wonderful experience. It set me up so peaceful, light and positive throughout the whole day. Thank you Monica
3 Jun, 2015
GerbenD's picture
Lovely sequence, just what I was looking for today. I feel encouraged to practice outdoor!
25 May, 2015
joyousjulie's picture
Thank you Monica a lovely connected session. Practiced outside especially beautiful.
14 May, 2015
Jean Nelson's picture
Jean Nelson
An amazing session Monica - great to see you in the woods!
12 May, 2015
Sue Penning's picture
Sue Penning
Thank you Monica....a great 22 minutes.
8 May, 2015
Jennikirkwood's picture
Wow - that was amazing. This is 22 minutes of pure bliss - what a great investment of time! Thanks Monica.
5 May, 2015's picture
Oh my goodness! What an amazing 22 minutes....I feel completely revitalised and energised but most of all so calm. Thank you Monica that was simply beautiful x


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