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Awakening to the Cosmic Spiral

41 mins

Discover the depth and grace of EBR 6 - awakening to the cosmic spiral.

This sequence attunes you to the cycles of nature and the expanse of the universe, clearing stress symptoms and opening to your potential.

Within this class you will also explore the cat and tiger postures with new understanding and an added awareness of the spinal wave and then enjoy a great deep relaxation.

Filmed on location on the coast of New South Wales, Australia, enjoy fantastic scenery, sunshine and a deep connection to your soul nature!


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Members' comments:

3 Aug, 2021
DebbieY's picture
This was beautiful, clear and relaxing. Stunning subtle stretches, and tranquil sounds of the sea, supported my relaxation. Thank You so much x
29 Jul, 2020
heathertom's picture
A wonderful class. Thank you. Enjoyed the ocean scenery in the background. Perfect setting whilst in lockdown.
30 Jul, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
So happy to hear you enjoyed the class Heather. The background certainly makes a huge difference and helps draw you into the practices more completely.
7 May, 2019
Jean Nelson's picture
Jean Nelson
My daughter and I did this together last week. She's helping me use the online studio more regularly (I know I should use it more often) and I was using this EBR as an opener for my monthly classes so it was a win win situation.
12 Mar, 2016
GerbenD's picture
Thank you! It's a great session. I am now using it as a preparation for my Reiki sessions.
28 Sep, 2015
Kayostell's picture
Great explanations
22 Jul, 2015
Meriel Deans's picture
Meriel Deans
thanks Chandra a lovely way to end my day - in the sun on my balcony in Scotland Meriel
3 Jun, 2015
lindah's picture
Lovely class with great explanations throughout. Relaxation by the sea was fab too. Feeling positive and energised for the day ahead. Thank you x
24 Jan, 2015
joyousjulie's picture
Thank you Chandra. I have not done this sequence for a while so it was great to revisit and remember how lovely and flowing it is.
12 Nov, 2014
Balbir Mann's picture
Balbir Mann
Lovely and relaxing class. Thank you!
7 Jun, 2014
thelma.gill's picture
Lovely and relaxing - thank you
27 Apr, 2012
Christine Emery's picture
Christine Emery
This is lovely.
18 Apr, 2012
Rachael Hattersley's picture
Rachael Hattersley
A lovely relaxing and energising class. Thanks very much
31 Mar, 2012
kath's picture
that was beautiful
21 Feb, 2012
lucy's picture
lovely class, thank you :-)
28 Dec, 2011
jenny's picture
Chandra, Thank you, wonderful class for the post holiday season. Greeting from Vancouver Island.
19 Dec, 2011
Relax's picture
I love this video so much the sound of the ocean takes me away. Thank you Chandra EBR6 fast becoming my favorite x


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