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Back to Nature

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Back to Nature

40 mins

Get back in touch with nature with this wonderful class filmed at the top of Mout Pilot in Victoria, Australia with the Smith Family...

Feel enriched, invigorated and aligned with yourself, of all nature, of life, and All That Is.

We start with some great activations including Breath of Arjuna, Figure of 8 and a Spinal Wave. This is followed by EBR3, Awakening the Heart sequence, which includes the Windmill Scoop, Spinal Twists, Ocean Wave, The Archer and The Runner.

Magical moments follow as we share the Salutation to the 4 Directions, starting facing North. This is a powerful sequence to help you find a deep sense of connection and alignment to yourself and the world around you. After a sincere dedication, we are then invited to lie down for a peaceful relaxation, guided by Margot.

To complete this session enjoy the beautiful mantra, "Om Namoh Narayani Om", which translates as: “I offer my respectful obeisance to the Goddess Lakshmi, Narayani, who is the provider and nourishment for all living beings.”


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Members' comments:

22 May, 2020
annecorr's picture
Absolutely beautiful! Thank you
22 May, 2020
Louise Edwards's picture
Louise Edwards
What a beautiful video and such a lovely combination of sequences. Thank you to the Smith Family for creating this, the stunning back drop, sounds of nature and song to finish make it something very special. xxxx


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